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Devcon Ticketing

Ticket sales will launch in June with Applications for Discounted Tickets, with our Presale Auction & Raffle following shortly after. Ticket sales will begin shortly after and all sales will conclude by September.

Important Dates

  • Discount Ticket ApplicationsOpen now!
  • Auction & Raffle beginsJuly 5th to July 14th
  • Ticket Sale WavesJuly 18 to August 23rd


Discounted Tickets

  • 1
    Discount Ticket Applications open
    June 6
    Apply Now
  • 2
    Discount Ticket Responses sent on a rolling basis

Presale Auction & Raffle

General Ticketing Waves

  • 1
    Wave 01
    July 18 — 16:00 UTC & 23:00 UTC

    Coming Soon

  • 2
    Wave 02
    July 26 — 16:00 UTC & 23:00 UTC
  • 3
    Wave 03
    August 3 — 16:00 UTC & 23:00 UTC
  • 4
    Wave 04
    August 11 — 16:00 UTC & 23:00 UTC
  • 5
    Wave 05
    August 23 — 16:00 UTC & 23:00 UTC

Types & Pricing

Payment will be accepted in ETH or DAI on Ethereum Mainnet, Arbitrum + Optimism, OR Fiat/Card via Stripe integration. Prices will be displayed in $USD.

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General Admission

$599 USD/DAI

The Original ticket to Devcon. Anon-friendly: No ID Required.
Coming Soon
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Builder Discount*

$299 USD/DAI

A discount for those who actively volunteer or contribute their time to the growth, research and development of the ecosystem.
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Student Discount*

$149 USD/DAI

A discount for students & educators alike to attend Devcon and learn more about Ethereum.

Note: School/University ID required at check-in to prevent resale. Secondary/high school, College, or University.
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LatAm Builder / Student*


And additional discount is available if you are a Builder or a Student from Latin America: apply through the respective form, and upload proof of Latin America residency (Government issued ID, Passport, etc).
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Join the volunteer team alongside 100+ other fun, dedicated, passionate members of the community to help put on the best Devcon yet!

*Note: ID Required at check-in to prevent resale.


  • When will tickets go on sale?

    Tickets will be sold via an Auction & Raffle Presale in July (more news here). General Admission sales will take place throughout July & August. All updates regarding ticket sales will be broadcasted via our Devcon Blog@EFDevcon Twitter, and!

  • Can I purchase tickets with ETH or DAI?

    Yes — we will be accepting both ETH and DAI payments for tickets this year on Mainnet, Optimism & Arbitrum, in addition to standard credit/debit card purchases.

  • Will there be opportunities to buy discounted tickets to Devcon?

    Yes! More information can be found here.

  • What are the policies towards Refunds & Transfers?

    Refunds - All tickets will be refundable as long as the request is made before the start of the event. Refunds will be issued using the same payment method used to purchase the ticket: Credit card, ETH, or DAI. If the refund request is approved for a ticket paid for in cryptocurrency, you will be responsible for paying the gas fees of the transaction of the refund - gas fees will be deducted from the refunded amount. Please allow up to 4 weeks for refunds to be issued.

    Transfers - In our effort to prevent scalping and ensure equal opportunity for all interested community members to be able to purchase tickets, we will only allow ticket transfers on a case-by-case basis upon written request to


  • Tickets are sold out - How can I attend?

    We will open up a Waiting List after our final wave of General Admission tickets have sold out. In the event of cancellations, tickets will be granted to those on the Waiting List in the order that they signed up. We strongly encourage anybody looking to purchase a ticket from a third party to do it through email & copy

  • What happens to my ticket if Devcon is postponed again due to COVID restrictions?

    While we aim to open up ticket sales only when we are confident the event can take place as planned, in the event that we need to postpone Devcon for the safety & health of our attendees and the local community, tickets purchased will remain valid for the rescheduled dates.