Devcon Week

Devcon is more than just a 4-day conference — it's a week-long holistic experience with events starting as early as October 7th and going until the 16th! Plan your travel accordingly ✈️.

Expect many more community events, meetups, and social gatherings to be happening around Devcon that aren’t listed below — stay tuned to Twitter for more! Below you can find a few of the Ethereum-related events happening around the official days of Devcon (October 11-14).

Post-Devcon Events

  • 🇨🇴 ETHMedellinOCT 18-22
  • 🇵🇦 ETHPanamaOCT 26-28

Devcon Week Featured Events

ETHBogota Hackathon


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The DAOist Bogotá

Talks & Presentations

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ETHLatam @ Bogota [en español]

Latam ETH Community & Devcon
Charlas & Talleres en Español

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Schelling Point

Talks & Presentations

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🦄 Devcon 🦄 

Ethereum Foundation
Devcon Main Event

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Ethereum for the Next Billion | Panel discussion & Happy hour

Ethereum Foundation
Talks & Presentations

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Community co-working space @ Devcon Venue

Ethereum Foundation

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Oct 14

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Oct 15 - Oct 16

Post-Devcon Events

ETHMedellin 🇨🇴 — October 18-22

A short flight or bus-ride away lies Medellin, Bogotá’s warmer and more touristic neighbor. A great excuse to extend your trip or travel with some newfound friends to unite with the Ethereum Medellin community for a week of open co-working, evening events, NFT activations, and conferences.

ETHPanama 🇵🇦 — October 26-28

Just one week after ETHMedellin and a cheap one-hour flight, ETHPanama will be taking place in Panama City. Join for some continued learning, exposure to the Panamanian Ethereum community, and there just might be group surf trip afterwards for the more adventurous of the group!

Bogotá local tours & activities

Beyond Colombia

Bogotá as a city has lots to offer and explore! Coffee tours, play tejo, learn salsa, walking tours, Monseratte, and more! In an effort to make tours and cultural activities more accessible, Devcon is allowing Beyond Colombia to offer easy booking and access to tours and activities. Here you can pre-book activities around Bogotá. View the activity Guide and pricing here

*This experience initiative is entirely separate from Devcon and provided by Beyond Colombia. Please participate at your own risk and liability. Devcon is not responsible for any damages or inconveniences.

Beyond Colombia Booking Form


  • If I cannot attend, how can I participate by myself or with my local community? What are Devcon Satellites?

    You can participate via Devcon Satellite Events! Devcon Satellite Events are an experiment to decentralize Devcon VI, to give the opportunity to foster a community amongst those who can’t make it to Bogotá due to distance, timing, costs, limited space, or other constraints, and to boost local Ethereum communities.

    You can learn more about Devcon Satellite events here

  • Production Contacts

    Bogota Event Production Companies

    Best for larger events, multi-day events, more complex or creative events, etc.


    Arbol Naranja


    • A fully integrated 360° online platform to book and manage Work, Play & Stay venues for international corporate events, recently featuring Bogota venues.



    We recommend getting in touch with one of the above production contacts to assist in your venue search, or if you’d prefer to search on your own, we can recommend Spacehuntr, which is a independent platform to book venues in Bogota for all types of events.

    Please note: Spacehuntr charges a fee for venue bookings made through their platform.

    Book Event Venues in Bogota, Colombia

    Local SWAG / Merch vendors

    Cloud Ten

    Cloud Ten


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