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Hey there, I'm Deva, the Devcon unicorn. Since the dawn of Devcon I have been a guiding light to the wonderstruck wanderers of Ethereum's vast universe, supporting them to find their tribe and community.

And now, the Road to Devcon calls again, inviting a diverse array of mavericks, just like you.

Follow me, and join the journey. 🦄✨

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Why Devcon is for You

Devcon is the Ethereum conference for developers, thinkers, and makers. You’ll meet the smartest and kindest people in the Ethereum ecosystem IRL, and gain insight into a unique culture that is challenging to fully understand just online.

At Devcon, we explore Ethereum together through fiery dialogues, workshops, and peer-to-peer interactions. It’s where you are welcomed by a tribe that nurtures your growth, and where you build new relationships and networks.

Explore Devcon, or keep following me for more. 🦄✨

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What is the Road to Devcon?

The Road to Devcon (RTD) is a series of Ethereum events and educational initiatives leading up to Devcon, organized by the active local communities in Southeast Asia.

Explorers like you are shaping the road together, diving into workshops and talks, empowered by Ethereum’s promises and the motivation to bring this innovation to local communities, creating opportunities to learn and connect.

Find the event that vibes with you. Or if you’re missing something… follow me! 🦄✨

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Become a leader: Organize an event or start a community

If you're in SEA, community-driven, and passionate about Ethereum's positive impact, we're here to support you! This is your call to adventure, to be part of something bigger, something wilder.

Imagine organizing events within your community to showcase Ethereum, or starting a new grassroots community through meetups and other educational initiatives focused on Ethereum.

If a fire is ignited within you, now is the time to apply for the RTD grants and be a part of building our empowered, decentralized future. 🦄✨

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RTD Events

The Road to Devcon (RTD) is a series of Ethereum events and educational initiatives leading up to Devcon, organized by the local communities in and near Southeast Asia.

Upcoming Events

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Aug 16 - Aug 18, 2024

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


APU Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Club

Aug 17, 2024


Bangalore, India


Zo World

Sep 16 - Sep 23, 2024

ArtScience Museum Singapore


Ethereum Singapore

Sep 30 - Nov 10, 2024

Chiang Mai, Thailand


Invisible Garden

Oct 1 - Oct 31, 2024

Chiang Mai, Thailand


Funding the Commons

Oct 4 - Oct 6, 2024

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia



Oct 10 - Nov 10, 2024

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Pop-up city

Edge City

Oct 14 - Oct 20, 2024

Ethcon Korea - Shed the Light on the Community




Nov 8 - Nov 9, 2024

Bangkok, Thailand


Funding the Commons

Nov 12 - Nov 15, 2024

Bangkok, Thailand


Ethereum Foundation



Road to Devcon SEA Grants

We want to help you bring your Ethereum community event or meetup in SEA to life!

Devcon RTD Grants