Devcon Editions

Everything began in Berlin Kreuzberg in 2014 when the co-founders and earliest builders of Ethereum came together for a meet-up they named Devcon 0. Since then, Devcon has rotated the world. The journey went from Berlin to London, Shanghai, Cancún, Prague, Osaka and Bogotá. Each location brings something unique to the developer conference.

You might want to check out some details about Devcon’s history. Read on below for summaries of past editions, or head to the Devcon Archive to watch round-up videos, talks, and presentations.


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Past Devcons

Devcon VI event image

Devcon VI

After a three-year-long pause, we emerged from the pandemic stronger than before and reunited in Bogotá for the largest and some would say, “best Devcon yet.” One of its most powerful aspects was the impact on the regional community and the involvement of the flourishing Latin American Ethereum community, which had organized 14 community events around the region leading up to Devcon.

Devcon V event image

Devcon V

Devcon 5 brought the Ethereum ecosystem together in Japan in October of 2019 for an event that featured more content and attendees than ever before. In addition to the conference talks, Devcon featured the event's first community run outdoor stage and experiential Park area, a powerful open from the City of Osaka, a celebrity appearance by the world’s most well-known dog, Kabosu (the original “Doge”) and so much more.

Devcon iv event image

Devcon iv

Devcon 4 brought Ethereum's ecosystem and family back to Europe with a 2018 event at the Prague Convention Center in the Czech Republic (Czechia). With 3,000 strong in attendance, Devcon was filled with talks, experiences, teams from a matured application ecosystem, and more enterprise support than ever before.

devcon three event image

devcon three

Devcon 3 was a celebration held around "Dio de Los Muertos" and Halloween in Cancun, Mexico in November of 2017. It was the largest ever Ethereum gathering at the time, with just under 2000 attending in a year of unprecedented growth in terms of network use, adoption and progress.

devcon two event image

devcon two

Devcon 2 came alongside one of the most (in)famous moments in Ethereum's early history, as a set of Denial of Service attacks were launched against the network just hours before the event was set to begin. With many of the most formidable builders in the ecosystem gathered together in Shanghai, they helped to coordinate emergency upgrades backstage to restore full functionality to the network, moments before stepping forward to speak to the future of the network on stage.

DΞVCON 1 event image


Only a few months after Ethereum came to life, DΞVCON 1 was held in London in November of 2015. Presenters remained hard at work on each piece of the original Ethereum roadmap, early dApp teams took the stage, and supporters teased the early industry adoption that was to arrive soon.

DEV CON 0 event image


It all began in Berlin. Long prior to the launch of Ethereum, the earliest builders and co-founders gathered in the Kreuzberg neighborhood in late November of 2014 to outline their work and designs for the future of Ethereum at a meetup called "ÐΞVcon-0". A great resource to learn about the historical context and the early ethos of the project.