• I want to organize an Ethereum event in my city, how can I get support?

    Don’t see an event near you on this community list? Reach out to, and let’s try to make it happen.

    If you are interested in organizing an event to strengthen your community's builder ecosystem, consider sending a sponsorship application to ESP!

  • What are the reasons that Devcon won't be held in 2023?

    We thought long and hard about making this decision. Here’s why:

    1. More Impact 🌏

    We aim to create the same impact on the Road to Devcon 7 in SEA as in LatAm.

    We’ll give time for the booming local Ethereum communities to grow & see new grassroots communities unfold. 🌱

    1. Greater Significance 💥

    Devcon VI in Bogotá set the bar high. Scheduling Devcon 7 for 2024 gives us time to advance & improve projects, make it a top-notch event, be more accessible for people to plan and budget for international travel. ✈️

    1. Embracing Subtraction 🤲

    More Ethereum events & communities are surfacing than ever before. Aya's talk about the Ethereum Foundation's Subtraction mindset encourages us to subtract so that you can add. We want to give room & space for local community events to grow further.

  • What events do you recommend visiting this year?

    There will be many amazing community-driven events this year that you can attend, speak at, or sponsor instead of Devcon. Check out this community list for just some of the events happening near you in 2023.

  • When and where will Devcon 7 take place?

    Devcon 7 is scheduled for 2024 to be held in Southeast Asia!

    A specific location and dates in 2024 have not yet been determined. Stay tuned on the website and on Twitter.

  • Why was Southeast Asia chosen as the location for Devcon 7?

    Devcon 7 in Southeast Asia offers the opportunity to give a large, new, active, and diverse community a platform on the world Ethereum stage! 🌏

    Devcon focuses on reuniting everyone, bridging with outside communities, sharing important messages and updates, and welcoming newcomers to Ethereum.

    By bringing Devcon to Southeast Asia we’ll reach more local Ethereum communities & increase diversity within the overall Ethereum community.

  • How can I see information from past Devcons?

    Check out the Devcon Archive! There you can see videos of keynotes, workshops, and other experiences all sorted into playlists that are available in one place, with details of past events and media dating back to 2014’s “ÐΞVcon-0” in Berlin.