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Speaker Applications

Devcon speaker applications are now closed. Applications were open from June 6 - July 5, and we received over 1200 applications from community members. The review of these applications is now under way and applicants will hear back on the status of their application before the end of July.

Important Dates

  • DEADLINE TO APPLYApplications are now closed

Process Overview

Speaker application process

Application Guidelines

  1. Who can apply

    Everyone! Applications are open to the public and we encourage you to submit an application if you would like to contribute.

  2. How do I apply?

    Head to the application form and submit your application.

  3. What types of session can I apply to give?


    • A 20-minute presentation on a topic of your choice with 5 minutes for Q&A.


    • A 50-minute or 110-minute workshop on a topic of your choice. This could be centered around a problem to be solved, or geared at helping attendees learn skills, such as “How to run your own Node”.


    • A 50-minute panel discussion on a topic or challenge. You can have up to 5 panelists plus a moderator.

    Lightning Talk

    • A 5-minute presentation with 2 minutes for Q&A.
  4. Timeline

    • Applications open June 6
    • Deadline to Apply July 5
    • All decisions will be sent before the end of July, and as quickly as possible
    • NOTE: We want everyone to be able to plan affordable travel if they want to attend Devcon. Opening applications early in the summer allows applicants ample time to prepare their applications, reviewers time to carefully review each application, and applicants to know many months in advance whether or not their application has been accepted.
  5. Review Process

    • Each track has its own reviewing committee, consisting of a team lead & a diverse set of reviewers.
    • Each application will be reviewed by multiple members of the review team. All reviewers’ scores are weighted equally.
    • Talks will be selected on aggregate scores from the criteria below


    • Each reviewer will be asked to review each application using the following prompts:
      • Is the submission information accurate?
        • Is the submission in the right track and category? See above for more info on Tracks & Categories.
      • Is the submission focused on sharing knowledge?
        • All submissions must have the intended purpose of sharing knowledge (experience, learnings, development, research, or a specific problem they are hoping to solve.)
        • NOTE: Reviewers will not accept an application that is devoted to promoting a company or project. If you would like to shill a project this is not the place.
      • Is the submission innovative and/or novel?
        • All talks and submissions should be geared to present new ideas to drive the ecosystem forward, not repeat presentations that have been given several times before.
      • Is the submission constructive?
        • Does the submission aim to solve a problem or contribute to the ecosystem in some way? Is it providing insight or solutions to a challenge faced by many?
      • Is the speaker qualified?
        • Does the speaker have sufficient knowledge and experience to present on this topic?
        • NOTE: Prior speaking experience is not required, but domain-specific knowledge is. Your application will have multiple opportunities for you to demonstrate your understanding of the topic that you on which you would like to present.
  6. Decision

    • The speaker application process is VERY competitive and unfortunately, this may mean that quality talks are not selected due to time and space constraints.
    • You will be notified of the status of your application before the end of July. Reviewers’ decisions are final, and there is no repeal process, but(!) there are lots of ways to contribute to Devcon if your application is not accepted.
  7. Other ways to contribute

    • Host an impromptu workshop or talk by booking one of them in one of the bookable workshop rooms or in the Hacker Space
    • Volunteer and help make this Devcon VI the best Devcon ever!
    • Apply for a Builder Ticket
    • Share your ideas on the Devcon Forum to collaborate with other attendees

Additional Questions?

Head to the FAQ page and if you have further questions reach out to