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What is Devcon

Devcon is an intensive introduction for new Ethereum explorers, a global family reunion for those already a part of our ecosystem, and a source of energy and creativity for all.

We host Devcon to educate and empower the community to build and use decentralized systems. It is a conference for builders of all kinds.

Our goal is to push the boundaries of possibility in our mission to bring decentralized protocols, tools, and culture to the world. Programming covers content ranging from the deeply technical to the profoundly human.

Devcon by Numbers

  • Devcon 02014
  • Devcon 52019
  • Past Editions6
  • Continents Travelled3
  • Archived videos727
Past Editions

Devcon is for builders of all kind

Devcon always had a heavy technical focus to it, and this will remain true this year and into the future (it’s the DEVelopers CONference after all!). Though Ethereum is a technological breakthrough in its own right, its applications reach much further, into digital economy, research, community, art, and beyond.

Devcon is not only for developers, it is for builders of all kinds: engineers, designers, researchers, infrastructure operators, community organizers, social economists, artists, and more. So we want to invite everyone who is looking to build and create to improve our existing world using Ethereum and decentralized systems.

Growing Global Communities

We could host Devcon in the same place every year, sure! But we’re working toward achieving a goal of bringing Ethereum to communities around the world, and to places where it can have real impact today.

“The difference between Argentina and some of the wealthier countries is that in wealthier places, there are people who are excited about crypto ideas and theory, but people here deeply understand that crypto is solving real problems.” — Vitalik Buterin

Devcon Archive

Ethereum isn’t merely a technical solution, but a community. While blockchain communities in Europe and North America are already strong and vivid, we can have a big impact today in newly developing communities.

Over the past years, we’ve seen young Ethereum communities sprouting in Latin America, and the potential growth is tremendous. This is why we are excited to bring Devcon to Colombia this year.

Living On Defi preview
Devcon 5

Living On Defi

Living in Argentina but getting paid in Dai, I can access financial systems that are usually not available to us. I want to show how Ethereum's DeFi movement has been working fine for the last 2 years, by leveraging Dai and secondary lending platforms, and how that is changing the financial reality for people in developing economies. Someone in South America getting paid in crypto can access more stable currencies than their local ones, with better interest rates, and this is all happening right now, and scaling right now.

Mariano Conti

Money At The Edge: How People Stay Afloat in Venezuela preview
Devcon 5

Money At The Edge: How People Stay Afloat in Venezuela

The Open Money Initiative has gone into the field to understand how Venezuelans survive in the midst of heavy capital controls, criminalization of free markets, and hyperinflation. We'll share stories from places like Cúcuta, where worthless bills are used as art and home decor, and Caracas, where individuals are saving in bitcoin, trading it for local currency only at times of essential purchases. We'll discuss concepts for products and services in places where regimes have a tight grip on society, and how they relate to cryptocurrency.

Alejandro Machado

Money is the killer Ðapp: crypto in Venezuela preview
Devcon 4

Money is the killer Ðapp: crypto in Venezuela

We want to talk about real-world cryptocurrency use in avoiding forex controls, preserving one's wealth while fleeing an authoritarian regime, and escaping hyperinflation. Venezuela is in a deep economic crisis of its own making: relentless money printing and disastrous fiscal policies have brought the country to the edge of collapse. Eduardo will tell his own story of people using cryptocurrency as an unstoppable store of value and medium of exchange. Alejandro will recount how the crypto community, including projects like Zcash, BitcoinVenezuela.com, and MakerDAO, are researching how to allow Venezuelans to gain access to open money that, unlike the dying bolívar, will not consistently depreciate 50%+ each month, and that anybody could use.

Alejandro Machado, Eduardo Gomez

Support Ethereum-Related Public Goods

This year, we’re trying something new by finding new ways to support Ethereum-related public goods in lieu of a traditional Sponsorship program.

Aligned teams will have the opportunity to contribute toward Ethereum-related public goods to grow the Ethereum ecosystem, and further technologies that help us move forward together.

As a thank you, we’ll be allocating Supporter Tickets to Devcon VI to those who give back to the community by supporting public goods that benefit Ethereum. Aligned groups have the chance to participate in the Supporter Program. Applications are now closed.

Getting Involved

Devcon is hosted for you and therefore we want your input, ideas, and support to make it happen, and happen well! There are a number of different ways to get involved:

Apply to Speak

Giving a talk, or hosting a panel or a workshop are great ways to bring in your ideas and vision. If you are working on improving the world through decentralization and by using Ethereum, you can apply to speak at Devcon VI. Learn more about different speaking formats, and the application process.


Devcon wouldn’t succeed without engaged volunteers helping each year. Volunteers bring a huge value to the conference, and this role is a unique opportunity for those new to Ethereum to attend, learn, and get involved in the ecosystem. If you want to join 100+ other amazing, passionate volunteers at Devcon VI in Bogotá, apply here.

Share your ideas, & improve Devcon

We are always striving to improve Devcon for everyone. However, we are aware that our perspective is limited. This is why we introduced DIPs: Devcon Improvement Proposals. DIPs are a way for everyone to bring in ideas and experiences. If there’s something you really didn’t like at previous Devcons, head over to the forum to discuss your ideas to make things better than ever in Bogotá.


  • Are there meeting rooms available to book?

    Meeting rooms of various sizes will be available in the venue on conference days 2, 3, and 4.

    They are located on the 5th floor and will be reservable on a first-come-first-serve basis at the start of each day.

  • What are the Covid-19 requirements?

    Vaccination or a negative test result is needed to enter Colombia.

    Please inform yourself here as requirements might change. Also, be aware that your airline company might have additional requirements.

  • What if I have dietary restrictions? What kind of food will be served at Devcon?

    We sadly cannot accommodate all restrictions, but we will try to always have food for:

    -Vegetarian -Vegan -Gluten-free

    Expect the food to be a mix of very local traditional Colombian food, and international food.

  • What is the Pre-Registration Schedule?


    Claim your Wristbands in Advance!

    Want to get straight to the celebrations at Devcon Bogota and not miss the Opening Ceremonies? Claim your wrist bands in advance. Seriously, it’s going to be worth it.
    Please have your ID ready if you have any of the following types of tickets:
    — Builder / Latam Builder
    — Student / Latam Student

    Note, that you can only pick up your own wristband. The wristband will be put on you at the time of the pick-up.
    You can also get the wrist bands from the Registration desk on all event days.
    However, we strongly recommend for you to pick up the wristbands in advance.

    Saturday, October 8th
    — Hilton Bogotá Corferias: 12pm - 5pm

    Sunday, October 9th
    — Hilton Bogotá Corferias: 9am - 5pm
    — Hyatt Place Bogotá: 9am - 5pm

    Monday, October 10th
    — Hilton Bogotá Corferias: 9am - 5pm
    — Hyatt Place Bogotá: 9am - 5pm
    — Schelling Point @ Gran Carpa Américas Corferias: 8:30am - 5pm
    — ETHLatam @ Ágora Bogotá: 8am - 9pm


    We'll begin registration on Oct. 11-14 at 8am.
    Head to the front of the Ágora Bogotá Convention Center, where you'll see 4 doors with designated lines.
    Once you reach the desk, show us your ticket QR (and if you've got a Discounted ticket, we'll need your ID), and you'll get your conference wristband placed on your wrist, a POAP, and a SIM card (while we've got 'em!)

  • What is there to do and see around Bogotá?

    Bogotá as a city has lots to offer and explore! Coffee tours, play tejo, learn salsa, walking tours, Monseratte, and more! In an effort to make tours and cultural activities more accessible, Devcon is allowing Beyond Colombia to offer easy booking and access to tours and activities. Here you can pre-book activities around Bogotá.

  • Are there any other events being planned?

    Devcon is the only event hosted by the Ethereum Foundation, but there will be many other events planned by the community during Devcon Week! A few to keep an eye out for:

    • October 7-9: ETHGlobal’s ETHBogota Hackathon
    • October 7-23: Devcon Satellite Events
    • October 10: ETHLatam Day (all in Spanish, for newcomers and experts alike)
    • October 11-14: DEVCON!
    • October 15 & 16: Devcon Co-working
  • How can I contribute?

    You have different options to contribute to Devcon VI:

    1. Volunteer

      If you want to join 100+ other amazing, passionate volunteers at Devcon VI in Bogotá, apply here.

    2. Apply to speak

      Applications are now closed.

    3. Submit a Devcon Improvement Proposal (DIP)

      Have an idea for Devcon? A community-run event? A cool interactive experience? Something out-of-the-box? Let us hear your idea! Participate in our Devcon Forum and/or submit a Devcon Improvement Proposal!

    4. Organize a Devcon Satellite Event

      Devcon Satellite Events are an experiment to decentralize Devcon VI, to give the opportunity to foster a community amongst those who can’t make it to Bogotá due to distance, timing, costs, limited space, or other constraints, and to boost local Ethereum communities. You can learn more about Devcon Satellite events here

  • How do I get a press pass?

    Apply here.

  • How can I see information from past Devcons?

    Check out the Devcon Archive! There you can see videos of keynotes, workshops, and other experiences all sorted into playlists that are available in one place, with details of past events and media dating back to 2014’s “ÐΞVcon-0” in Berlin.

  • In which language will presentations and talks be delivered?

    The main language of the conference will be English. All main-stage talks will be translated into Spanish, and we will provide Spanish translations for side-stage talks and workshops where possible.

  • What are the COVID-19 policies?

    We will be implementing whatever COVID requirements are mandated by the government of Colombia at the start of the event. Currently as of June 2022, there are no restrictions.

    We’re also happy to mention that our venue Ágora Bogotá has has qualified for Bureau Veritas Safe Guard certification, meaning they have satisfied a rigorous set of biosafety criteria operationally and in their physical space.

    As the global situation continues to improve, our team will actively monitor and provide updated plans to our Devcon Blog, @EFDevcon Twitter, and Devcon.org. Stay tuned for more!

  • Will there be Wifi?

    Yes! Fast, reliable WiFi is a priority to us this year, and it will be available to all attendees for the duration of the event.

  • I need a Visa Invitation Letter. How do I get started?

    The Devcon team will try to provide Visa Invitation Letters for those who have a valid ticket to Devcon. Please fill out the form here to request an invitation letter. Note: We cannot cover any costs associated with visa fees.