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Auction & Raffle

Experimental On-chain Ticket Auction & Raffle

The Auction & Raffle Presale has concluded! To see if you won a ticket in either the Raffle or Auction, head over here. Main Sale GA Ticket Wave details are available here. Payment will be accepted in ETH or DAI on Ethereum Mainnet, Arbitrum + Optimism, OR Fiat/Card via Stripe integration. Prices will be displayed in $USD.

Thanks to the amazing developer team at TrueFi for donating their time and expertise to help us build this project.

Visit the Auction & Raffle website here to see if you won!

Important Dates


  • 1
    Bidding window opens
    July 5 — 08:00 UTC
  • 2
    Bidding window closes
    July 14 — 07:59 UTC
  • 3
    Claiming window opens
    July 14 — 14:00 UTC
  • 4
    Claiming window closes
    July 16 — 14:00 UTC

Minimum bid: 0.25ETH



  • The smart contracts for the Auction & Raffle can be viewed here.
  • The contracts were audited by Trail of Bits, and the Audit Report can be viewed here.
  • The contract has been verified on Sourcify, available here.


The contract uses a series of random numbers to draw the raffle winners. As there is no secure random number generator on Arbitrum, those numbers will be provided to the contract in a transaction after the bidding window closes. Hashes of 10 future Ethereum mainnet blocks will be used as a source of randomness, with each of them drawing 8 raffle winners, thus 80 in total. To prevent miners tampering with the blocks in order to set the contest to their advantage, we’ll salt the hashes using a secret number S. This means that for the random numbers we’ll use the hashes of block hashes and the number S:

random_number_1 = keccak256(block_hash_1, S)

random_number_2 = keccak256(block_hash_2, S)

For transparency reasons, we commit to use a secret value S which hash equals to: keccak256(S) = 28902c742fcf74d7f6edce7c692e2be7e8c4befb8ec14a86e0422b24f714b01c

The secret value S that we used was: 0x64323832333433643661653738623538303461623966386366356436343434343637343237653564363365353334386430376264373338343561313837623131.

The following Ethereum mainnet blocks were used as a source of randomness:

15138000 15138001 15138002 15138003 15138004 15138005 15138006 15138007 15138008 15138009

Please read the Auction & Raffle Terms & Conditions prior to participating here.