Program / Overview



Devcon is geared toward Ethereum's builders, creators, and thinkers who wish to improve this world. Programming at Devcon takes a holistic approach and aims to engage all attendees through talks, panels, workshops, lightning talks, and freeform learning sessions.

Speaker Applications


This year's Devcon will be similar to those before it - expect to see amazing talks, panels, and participate in workshops and sessions. Some speakers will be invited to speak, while others will apply via the speaker application process.

Devcon Programming Values

  1. Collaboration

    Devcon is a place to foster collaboration via technical discussions, debates, knowledge sharing, and innovation.

  2. Teaching, communicating and generating new ideas

    Devcon is an opportunity to learn (and teach!) by attending talks, workshops, panels, and lightning talks.

  3. Updating the community on the Ethereum Foundation's key messages, updates, and calls to action

    Devcon is an opportunity to share the Ethereum Foundations vision and values with the world.

  4. Building bridges with other communities

    There are many communities adjacent to Ethereum that are value-aligned - Devcon is a chance to come together.

  5. Ensuring our community is heard

    Devcon is a conference for the Ethereum community, and is an opportunity for the community to share important updates.



  • Layer 1 Protocol
    Ethereum Roadmap, core protocol upgrades and improvements, design decisions and tradeoffs, core protocol values and their importance.
  • Layer 2s
    Pushing Ethereum's boundaries: more throughput, a farther reach, and more functionality. What are ways to enable Ethereum to scale, handle transactions faster, and for building bridges with other technologies? Anything rollup-related, wallets and other L2-enabling technologies, applications that take advantage of them, etc.
  • Developer Infrastructure
    Tooling and other efforts to make it easier, more fun, and more appealing to build on Ethereum. Languages, libraries, frameworks, dev tooling, best practices, etc.
  • Governance & Coordination
    How can we empower people to coordinate, manage common resources and make positive-sum decisions together? DAOs, decentralized governance, etc.
  • UX & Design
    Let’s create a more intuitive, safe and delightful experience for users of Ethereum and its applications! Design, UI, product-market fit, marketing, etc.
  • Staking & Validator Experience
    Home staking, distributed validator technology, pooling, decentralization improvements, protocol design, and everything in between.
  • Security
    Making Ethereum easy, safe, and more secure for end-users. DApp security, data privacy, identity, key management, etc.
  • ZKPs - Privacy, Identity, Infrastructure, & More
    The potential of zero knowledge cryptography and its applications to privacy, digital identity, decentralized systems, and more.
  • Opportunity & Global Impact
    How can Ethereum change the world for the better? Public goods, sustainability, politics, P2P finance, impact of NFTs, micro-lending, financial systems, identity, emerging markets, environment, communication and censorship, access, etc.
  • Cryptoeconomics
    Research in MEV, game theory, mechanism design and tokenomics for protocols and applications.


  • What types of talks are there?

    Devcon makes a point of delivering a holistic learning experience through talks, workshops, panels, lightning sessions, and other freeform formats! Everyone learns in their own way, and we aim to accommodate as many styles as possible.

  • Who can be a speaker at Devcon?

    Devcon has a public application process. Applications for speakers are now closed.

  • Who decides on the speakers at Devcon?

    In recognition that the Devcon speaker application process has been very competitive in past years, we are doing our best to make the review process as fair, unbiased, and as open as possible for all. All speaker applications are reviewed by teams of community experts who analyze each application relevant to their area of expertise and collaborate together to make the final decision.

Ecosystem Supporters

This year, aligned teams will have the opportunity to contribute toward Ethereum-related public goods in a Devcon-specific effort to grow the Ethereum ecosystem, and further technologies that help us move forward together. In lieu of a traditional sponsorship program, team-based ticket allocations will be distributed to participating groups as a thank you to those who give back to the Ethereum community.


Volunteer applications for Devcon have closed! Thank you for applying & we look forward to seeing you in Bogotá!