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Regen Corner -- Devcon Bogota Community Hub

DIP 29: Regen Corner -- Devcon Bogota Community Hub

Summary of Proposal

The Regen Hub is a safe space where Regens can meet, ground and build bridges. Regeneration in all shapes and forms is considered, with the goal of cross-pollinating inside and outside of the crypto bubble. Local regenerative initiatives and Colombian cultural heritage will be given a prominent place within the schedule.


Goals of the Regen Hub:

  • show that regeneration extends beyond ReFi
  • cross-pollinate between ReFi and other forms of regeneration
  • practice regeneration
  • hold space for care, reflection and genuine connection within a busy conference
  • connect international attendants with locals
  • hold space for Colombian heritage and indigenous wisdom

The hub will be used to host various workshops that are optimized for participation. The use of electronic devices will be avoided as much as possible.

The schedule can be found on https://regensunite.earth/bogota.

With this hub, we want to bring the unique atmosphere of a Regens Unite gathering to Devcon. To that end, we encourage everyone who interacts with the hub, to consider a set of shared values.

Motivation & Rationale

if you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together 💚

The crypto community holds one piece of the puzzle for solving the needs of current and future generations, and the planet.

So do artists, climate activists, facilitators, cooperatives, indigenous communities, farmers, healers... and many more people 🌞

The Regen Hub exists to cross-pollinate 🐝 between web3 communities and the many many manifestations of regeneration, including but not limited to ReFi.

Many Devcon attendees will be flying in to Bogota, and we want to offer to them a portal to various local initiatives, through which they can discover the heritage and beauty, but also current issues, of their host country.

At the same time, we aim to cultivate a safe and brave space for personal regeneration; a space for slowing down, to genuinely connect with one another and with oneself, away from the sometimes overwhelming conference chatter.

We hope to inspire many web3 builders to work on high-impact problems that can help local communities in Bogota and beyond. We also hope to plant the seeds for collaboration between crypto and non-crypto projects. We hope to unite a chiva-load[^1] of regens.


Inspiration for the hub are the three past Regens Unite gatherings (in Brussels, Berlin and Amsterdam).

Past gatherings proved that bringing people from different regenerative disciplines together, and setting the tone with a shared set of values and skillful facilitation, is a winning formula.

For this community hub, the format should scale down and we are well aware of the unique context. In particular:

  • Given that the hub is part of a large Ethereum conference, the audience will lean much more towards crypto than past Regens Unite gatherings. We see this as an opportunity to bridge between ReFi and other forms of regeneration, and we will double down on bringing divesity to Devcon.
  • The environment may be louder and busier than past Regens Unite gatherings. We expect people to enter and leave more often as well. We will arrange one or more experienced facilitators to navigate and play with the setting.

Operational Requirements & Ownership

  1. What actions are required to implement the proposal at Devcon?

Build a local team and start cross-pollinating during preparations. If team members know the language and culture, it will be much easier to attract the diversity of regenerative projects that we want to offer to Devcon.

Build the schedule: https://regensunite.earth/bogota

Gather materials for specific sessions, such as chocolate fountain, ceremonial cacao...

Coordinate with all contributors on the ground, so the hub will be tended at all times during the Devcon opening hours. Ideally, someone with excellent facilitation skills is present as well, to assist session holders and navigate the unpredictable environment outside of the hub (potentially noisy, busy...).

  1. Who will be responsible for the proposal to be implemented effectively?

Many more people from the respective organizations will be supporting the Regen Hub, both on the ground and remotely.

  1. What other projects could this proposal be integrated with?

This community hub is a merge of several forum discussions:

We embrace diversity and value co-creation 💚 Get in touch with us if you like this DIP and want to contribute :)

Links & Additional Information

Sessions and timings: https://regensunite.earth/bogota

Regens Unite twitter: https://twitter.com/regensunite

Choco 4 Peace twitter: https://twitter.com/Choco4Peace

Tropykus twitter: https://twitter.com/tropykus

[^1]: A chiva is a typical Colombian bus.