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ZK Community Hub

DIP 28: ZK Community Hub

Summary of Proposal

The ZK Community Hub is a gathering point for various sub-communities in the applied ZK ecosystem. This includes communities focused around development and maintenance of proving system libraries, ZK circuit developers, ZK tooling, developers of ZK-enabled apps for either privacy or scalability, ZK rollup and zkEVM-focused teams, and more.


Zero-Knowledge cryptography is poised to be one of the most impactful tools for Ethereum application developers in the next few years. This topic has already spawned a number of subcommunities working at all different levels of the stack. Community infrastructure that brings these teams together to share knowledge can accelerate everyone’s work.

The Hub has three primary “use cases.”

Firstly, the ZK Community Hub is a space for ZK teams and subcommunities to run informal events; these teams can register the space in advance for meet-and-greets, office hours, etc. Such events would be less structured than a workshop or presentation registered specifically under the ZK track; they would be more informal, accessible, and open-ended.

Secondly, there will be a number of ZK track presentations throughout Devcon, and the ZK Community Hub serves as the default spot for ZK track presenters to hang out at after their sessions.

Finally, the ZK Community Hub serves as an ad-hoc hangout spot or Schelling Point for ZK-focused attendees.

We will invite teams from across the ecosystem, including:

  • zkEVM and rollup teams.
  • Teams building ZK infrastructure—proving stacks, libraries, etc.
  • ZK application development teams, such as PSE or 0xPARC’s identity application teams.

Motivation & Rationale

Applied ZK has evolved beyond university research projects: we believe that we’ll have a little bit of something for each part in the stack, from technical infrastructure to consumer facing applications.

  • At the infrastructure layer, we will hold office hours where, as an example, a team building a ZK toolstack (for example, circom) may book a slot and invite community members to come by to ask the core development team questions.
  • At the L2 layer, we will host meet-and-greet sessions. For example, a rollup team (like Scroll, Hermez, zkSync, Starkware) may host third-party developers who are interested in developing on top of the rollup.
  • At the technical ecosystem layer, we’ll host fireside chats or round-table discussions. These would be guided discussions on specific topics (ZK Identity, ZK machine learning, ZK security), led by a domain expert where anyone at Devcon who is interested in the topic may participate in.
  • For those interested in consumer facing applications or those learning about ZK for the first time, we will have guided demos in informal sessions where community members can drop by the Community Hub to try out a ZK app / set of apps (try out HeyAnon, Zordle, EthDos, etc.), with guidance from a team member.


  • The space will be operated from 10am - 4pm. Each day, this period is broken up into five 60-minute slots.
  • We’ll find five teams per day that will sign up for slots to “own” the space for 75 minutes each. During a slot, the chosen team will drive a “primary activity”—see the examples above.
  • Additionally, we imagine that the space will be used informally for followups with speakers on the ZK track, or other meetups.
    • Fo example, here are some talks / programming held elsewhere that the ZK Community Hub can be used to facilitate continued discussion for
      • SLS - ZK Apps Demo Session + Panel
      • SLS - PLONKish Day
      • SLS - ZK Security Gathering
      • SLS - PSE Projects
      • Main talk - Dark Forest Talk
      • Main talk - Recursive ZK Applications and Affordances

Operational Requirements & Ownership

  1. What actions are required to implement the proposal at Devcon? Default layout will be perfect!

  2. Who will be responsible for the proposal to be implemented effectively? (i.e. working on Day 0) Michael, Remy, and gubsheep will take the lead.

  3. What other projects could this proposal be integrated with? (Bonus points for collaboration across teams :)) We will be syncing up with catsnacks from the EF PSE team to make sure that there isn’t any overlap + we will be encouraging cross pollination of communities.