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Community Hub - Temporary Anonymous Zone

DIP 27: Community Hub - Temporary Anonymous Zone


A space dedicated to privacy and anonymity. We’ll have information, discussions and experiences related to choosing what you reveal, where and when - both on and offline.


The Temporary Anonymous Zone will be an interactive educational hub where attendees can learn and explore concepts of privacy and anonymity. We'll have informational posters and interactive conversation starters, host discussions on requested topics, and encourage attendees to experiment with private and anonymous social applications. We've created a TAZ app where visitors can create an anonymous Semaphore ID and join a Devcon VI group. After joining the group, they'll have access to apps where they can anonymously create collaborative art, ask and answer questions a la Stack Exchange, and post to Zkitter (a Twitter-like application with anonymous posting and chat), all while learning about the underlying technology. Members of the PSE team will be available to support, facilitate and answer questions.


PSE creates tools to make privacy and anonymity more accessible to everyone. We want to educate attendees about their options, give them a space to ask questions and share ideas, and also provide a tangible experience of private and anonymous social interaction. We hope the TAZ will provide both useful information and accessible tools, and a fun way to interact with other attendees. We're using Semaphore on (testnet) Ethereum to provide the TAZ app experience, but we hope to also spark conversation about other (blockchain and non-blockchain) tools for promoting privacy.


This will be our first time but we'd love to iterate on this idea in the future. We'll invite visitors to give (anonymous) feedback on the experience to help us execute better next time, and hopefully collaborate with other teams on future versions.

Operational Requirements & Ownership

  1. Actions Before the event:
  • Create signage and other materials (done)
  • Develop the app (finalizing)
  • Create Semaphore invites & Devcon group (done) During the event:
  • Have 2-3 team members in the space at all times to provide support & answer questions
  • Solicit topic ideas and facilitate daily discussion groups
  • Keep the space tidy and friendly :D
  1. Responsibility: PSE team will be responsible for making sure everything runs smoothly. Althea and Rachel are leading the overall implementation; technical support by Cedoor, Danilo and others; and others the PSE team will take general support shifts during the conference.

  2. Integration: We hope to have one or two other teams add apps to the TAZ experience, but it remains to be seen whether the integration can happen in time. Other privacy-focused teams are very welcome to join and engage with visitors, or propose and participate in discussions!

Links & Additional Information

TAZ app repo Semaphore info