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Cryptoeconomics & Governance Community Hub

DIP 26: Cryptoeconomics & Governance Community Hub

Summary of Proposal

The Cryptoeconomics and Governance Community Hub, organized by SCRF and TE Academy, will provide a space for those who want to chat with experts and enthusiasts throughout DevCon. This Hub will offer office hours, networking, and hands-on exposure to some tools and products relevant to cryptoecon and governance.


SCRF and TE Academy are coming together to propose a Cryptoeconomics and Governance Community Hub that will bring together researchers across governance and cryptoeconomics.

Both fields are super hot at the moment, but missing depth and rigor at most other crypto conferences. We are excited to see Devcon’s offering talk tracks for Cryptoeconomics and Governance & Coordination. With our Community Hub, we will complement the talks with what is missing most to grow this sector: a place for our community and for attendees from complex systems engineering, economics, game theory, data science, and political science to meet and discuss research and its application.

This Hub is intended to bring together everyone from those just starting their journeys in these topics all the way through those building and experimenting with cutting edge primitives and tools. Come join us in Bogotá!

Motivation & Rationale

How would this enhance attendee experience?

Our vision is to combine two elements:

  1. offer a networking spot to meet the Devcon speakers on relevant topics (Cryptoeconomics/Governance) and continue the conversation after the talks (Community Hub)

  2. offer office hours/AMA sessions with researchers and practitioners in the field (Community Hub)

We believe providing these opportunities to engage with researchers and those interested in research plays a small part in supporting the general level of knowledge of such core topics for web3 systems. The intimate space will provide a balance to the talks and panels with larger audiences of DevCon.

The intended audience for this community hub is anyone who is interested in cryptoeconomics or governance, from the global crypto community as well as LATAM, local community. The open office hours and discussions will provide an opportunity for participants to come and learn from researchers and practitioners.


Both SCRF and TE Academy have run a variety of community events around these topics in the past, such as the Token Engineering Global Gatherings, the Rewards Systems Assemblage, DAO Science workshop at The DAOist’s Global Governance Gathering in April 2022, the Web3 Workshop in July 2022, the DAO Workshop at Stanford SBC in September 2022. These events have also been supported by virtual events as well.

In terms of the exact programming, we are splitting the time into two days focused on Cryptoeconomics Oct 11-12 / 9am-5pm Governance Oct 13-14 9am-5pm

Cryptoeconomics sessions include:

  • What is Cryptoeconomics, Token Engineering, Tokenomics?
  • Typical challenges in this sector and how to address them
  • How to become a token engineer, studying at TE Academy
  • AMA sessions with Cryptoeconomics pros, researchers, token designers
  • Sessions in English and Spanish
  • Interactive quizzes & votings & memes :)

Governance sessions include:

  • Open office hours with Otterspace / discussion on SBTs
  • Open office hours with BlockScience / discussion on Computer Aided Governance
  • DeSci governance open office hours / networking
  • Open office hours with DAO Research Collective, Metagov, and SCRF / discussion on governance and DAO research

The schedule for the Community Hub is available here

Operational Requirements & Ownership

  1. What actions are required to implement the proposal at Devcon?
  • Screen/Voice: We’ll combine on-site and online discussion, thus use several screens and video calls. We can bring our own screens & laptops if necessary. 1 Screen HDMI cables to connect with laptops Cable extensions Power Plugs WiFi

Posters: We will print some posters to hang and decorate the venue.

  1. Who will be responsible for the proposal to be implemented effectively?

Patricia Brolezzi (patricia@tokenengineering.net) Angela Kreitenweis (angela@tokenengineering.net) Eugene Leventhal (eugene@scrf.io)

  1. What other projects could this proposal be integrated with? (Bonus points for collaboration across teams :))

Any projects focused on cryptoeconomics and/or governance should feel free to reach out to us!

Links & Additional Information

Get more information on the schedule, and add events to your calendar: https://te-academy.notion.site/Cryptoeconomics-Governance-Community-Hub-f2c5da9d967742b1aa53b94babbe033b