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Live UX Research

DIP 25: Live UX Research

Summary of Proposal

Live UX research sessions by experienced researchers. The Ethereum community can get a reality check on the state of UX in this pop-up UX lab. Over the course of 2 days, participants are invited for interviews and/or usability testing of selected products


This DIP describes a proposal to run Live UX research sessions at Devcon. Over the course of 2 days a team of experienced researchers would conduct UX research with participating projects. Making a direct impact on participating teams by uncovering actionable insights to improve their product, and demonstrating the use of UX research in developing Ethereum-based products. To execute on this effort, the contributors (i.e. research team) need a dedicated space to serve as observation and interview room.

Motivation & Rationale

With this proposal we aim to: Make a direct impact on 4 open-source public good Ethereum focused projects by testing their products. Inspire others to validate ideas and designs with end-users by demonstrating how this can be done. Inspire conversations on shared terminology and experience of common flows Bring a local perspective to Ethereum-based applications. We aim to recruit people locally who’s perspective would otherwise not be represented at Devcon. Can be affected by timeline and operational challenges). Public infrastructure can only be free if it’s usable and can only scale if it’s useful. UX research (a.k.a. User research) has a long history of using established methods to improve both.


  • Do you require feedback or data from attendees post-event? Leading up to Devcon, projects will be invited to apply to participate and have their product tested. The research team (i.e. Contributors) will have an intake call with eligible projects. Based on the intake the research team will prepare a study plan, participant profile and recruitment plan. Meanwhile the project works to provide any needed study materials, e.g. prototypes or marketing materials.

At Devcon, 12 UXR sessions take place over the course of 2 full days in a ‘pop-up UX lab’. Contributors to participating projects gather in an ‘observation room’(when their product is being tested) while a researcher and a project contributor meet with a participant in an ‘interview room’. Sessions are streamed to the observation room and recorded. After 3 sessions evaluating a product, a debrief takes place where the research team and project team discuss observations.

This setup is a textbook approach to moderated, in-person UX research. The proposal has not been implemented at other events. We will collect feedback from participating projects post-event.

Operational Requirements & Ownership

Please answer questions below:

  1. What actions are required to implement the proposal at Devcon?
  2. Who will be responsible for the proposal to be implemented effectively? (i.e. working on Day 0)
  3. What other projects could this proposal be integrated with? (Bonus points for collaboration across teams :))

This proposal primarily needs two closed off meeting spaces. This is critical to guarantee participant privacy and effective observation and discussion. Other actions: Recruit participating projects Prepare for UX research sessions Tickets provided to members of research team that don’t have a ticket yet (1-2) Mobile display and whiteboard to be available in observation room Guidance on any registration needs for participants that are not Devcon attendees

@hesterbruikman will be responsible for the proposal to be implemented effectively

Other contributors include: [Georgia Rakusen] (https://twitter.com/G_Rak) [Sasha Tanase] (https://twitter.com/sasha_tanase) Kristina Mayman

The effort is an initiative by Web3UX, a Web3 recruitment panel aimed at removing barriers to UX research in Web3.

The proposal is related to the Design Community Hub and UX audits. Rooms allocated to Live UX Research are a good fit for UX audits to take place on days that UX Research does not take place.