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CRYPTOMURALS - Street art hunting

DIP 23: CRYPTOMURALS - Street art hunting

Summary of Proposal

Street art as public good - Devcon 6 Graffiti Tour


Exclusive graffiti tour for Devcon6 attendees including a digital experience as a “Street Art Hunting” that rewards them with a memorial NFT of Devcon 6 promoting muralism heritage as a public good.

Motivation & Rationale

Bogotá is well known worldwide for its street art, at Cryptomurals we (A group of muralist & Ethereum enthusiasts) believe in street art as a public good, we want to keep the record of the layers of murals that has been painted on the same wall to stock them on the Ethereum blockchain and make it accessible to anyone as a public good.

Cryptomurals aims to be a public gallery in the form of an archive that allows anyone to see the history of the best spots & murals worldwide, we call it “The wallchain”, this will be a collaborative process to keep it updated thanks to our international network of street art festivals & high quality muralists.

We propose an exclusive experience for Devcon attendees to discover best murals in downtown with graffiti guides that will guide them to unlock the Devcon6 memorial NFT for free.


__This will be the first Cryptomurals hunt experience thanks to a partnership with DoinGud(https://doingud.com/) and the support of EthColombia(https://www.instagram.com/eth_colombia/) community. __ Attendees will be invited to create a unique ID linked to their Eth wallets and use the Street art hunt platform during the Graffiti tour. They will be able to unlock the 3 murals that will populate the Colombian map puzzle.

Shortly: 3 murals + 3 geolocated spots + 3 artists = 1 Cryptomurals = Free Devcon 6 memorial NFT.


August: Start the production if the murals in bogotá & creation of the NFT September: Strat the development of the platform with DoinGud October: Implementation of the graffitti tour & street art hunt during Devcon 6.

This will be a free NFT that we create in two stages:


  • We are producing the first 3 cryptomurals within the graffiti tour path thanks to the support of the EthColombia Community to preserve it on the Ethereum blockchain as a cultural heritage to create the first layer of “the Wallchain”.

  • Develop the Street art hunting platform with the DoinGud team.


  • Promotion of the graffiti tour before and during Devcon.
  • Get subscribers on a free guided graffiti tour during Devcon [& Devcon week if possible]
  • Implement the Street art hunting platform for people to be able to complete the map with the 3 cryptomurals of the Colombian map.
  • Airdrop 3000 NFTs to anyone who has collected the 3 pieces of the puzzle.


  • Allow unlockable content to be implemented like NFT ticketing for side events or swags for participants of the street art hunt

Operational Requirements & Ownership

  1. Actions required to implement the proposal at Devcon
  • Wall art digital design by our 3 Cryptomurals artists.
  • Cryptomurals artists are painting the 3 murals in geolocalized spots.
  • The 3 geolocated spots are integrated at the Graffiti Tour.
  • Design the “street art hunt” user flow for the digital experience.
  • Develop the “street art hunt” platform powered by DoinGud to complete the map and be eligible for the Devcon 6 memorial NFT airdrop.
  • Design and production of: team identification swag and unlockable content for participants.
  • Promotion of Street Art Hunting experience powered by Cryptomurals & Doingud as an official Devcon 6 community event.
  • Subscription form by QR code & mailing list.
  • Graffiti tours & street art hunt implementation on the 11th through 14th October.
  • Possibility to implement the experience on Devcon Week from the 7th to 16th October.
  1. Responsible for the proposal to be implemented effectively

Joanna from Cryptomurals, Manu & Sanchi from DoinGud

  1. Other projects could this proposal be integrated with __The platform could join other proposals for:
  • Unlockable content for ticketing on side events like the closing party proposed by Shrine House
  • Presence at the Chiva chill zone with visuals of the memorial NFT and a QR code for people to sign up to the graffiti tours

Links & Additional Information

Cryptomurals was born at the EthGlobal Web3Jam Hackathon on November 2021 and it got on the finalist, you can check our showcase here: (https://showcase.ethglobal.com/web3jam/cryptomurals)_

We've already secured a partnership with DoinGud(https://doingud.com/), which will allow us to implement this Proof of Concept and develop this further among other Eth community events