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Summary of Proposal



Creating a safe environment where both creator or observer, songwriter or beginner, instrument player, actor, painter, dancer, or developer can merge in a frequency of sound and visual healing.

Motivation & Rationale

  • As a shared metaphor, artists coming together in sound or visual healing equally collaborating is the same as the decentralized digital and physical future we all are building.

  • Open-sourced meaning there is no stage or barrier preventing anyone from joining in the creation of this positive vibration.

  • Respect will be given to scheduled artists wanting to lead a small session through solo or group expression in this space with a vast array of different art categories as meaningful as sound healing, or as magical and stimulating as a digital art displays. A few musical mystic legends of the Ethereum community will make lots of good noise and cool throat sounds.

  • Open Sourced Open Jam hours will fill most unscheduled hours where spontaneous new groups of artists will band together.

  • How would this enhance attendee experience? Adding to a variety of textures currently present in Developer Conferences a space for an audio reset and providing the perfect setting for good conversation and fellowship is a great asset to any event. This is particularly special because it adds a visual and audio experience with familiar faces performing. Being under a tent by food trucks this sounds like an epic party waiting to happen. The Side event of all side events right outside the main event ☺

  • How is this solution better than a non-blockchain experience? Well we would argue Art is one experience… yet elevated to a new form and level of communication with the blockchain. If we weren’t a group of individuals each convicted in this technology we wouldn’t voluntarily help create the best experience at Devcon as possible. We know what is good for the blockchain is good for everything involved with the blockchain. As artists we know the gift we both experience and can give with our heart. We need our whole world to start to see the opportunity the blockchain allows for one to give of their passions and expressions openly, correspondingly allowing an open space for the embrace of a supportive community.

  • How does this proposal introduce attendees to a novel blockchain/ethereum use case? Art is the ultimate world language we share. We are artists who love Ethereum, and the art we will share in part is a reflection of that emotion and a notion for artistically strengthening the community. Art is also inviting, and can be used in the important tasks of education and adoption.


  • Has any part of this proposal been implemented at other events? If so, please describe how it went. When Shaka arrived in Amsterdam with an Ukulele over his shoulder, signed up as a volunteer and unaware of the beautiful doors he was about to enter, he quickly was introduced to a feeling of belonging in the ETH community. The Ukulele attracted a scraggly bearded man named Justin Holmes to walk over and talk to him and the rest is blockchain history:))) From DevConnect, ETH Amsterdam, Blockdown Croatia, Blocksplit, ETH Praugue, ETH NYC, ETH Barcelona, and the catacombs under ETH CC in Paris bringing instruments was a very very good decision and by those listening and jamming along well accepted. Overall Shaka still feels like he is dreaming since helping with the Devconnect closing ceremony alongside Justin, Skylar and Natalia. Open Sourced Jamming has given him a community of all his best Frens ☺

  • Do you require feedback or data from attendees post-event? We encourage all attendees and production members to participate! Come Join the massive OPEN SOURCED BAND of ARTISTS and let’s keep jamming ☺

Operational Requirements & Ownership

  • At least one of the Music Chain Enable group members will be present at all hours this space will be open and operating publicly. They can serve as an MC introducing an artist, keeping the rhythm for an open jam, or get someone set up for a visual display. During live audio production hours, MCE members with experience will be able to manage and maintain the equipment smoothly.
  • Set hours where more crowds are anticipated by the food truck can be reserved for headliners and DJs.(ie 5-9pm)
  • It would create a nice environment to have the audio and visual equipment placed and set up along with the load in of the entire festival. Then a somewhat decorative atmosphere can be created with lighting, banners, digital art, and decor. Upon doors opening the space is already sound-checked and maintains its set up until closing and load out.
  • Bean bags, a small array of tables and chairs, and possibly yoga mats could be great assets to this area. Occupancy could be large or small and it would be important the space doesn’t conflict with the Devcon priorities.
  • Audio equipment doesn't need to always be used as activities can occur acoustically. It would be preferably used for featured performances and jam sessions when appropriate.

Confirmed artists/acts

With a current list of 5 confirmed artist session leaders, jam sessions, sounds healing sessions, and visual art displays there should be a decent amount of content to fill a multi day schedule.

  • Justin Holmes (@JMyles)
  • Matteo Tambussi (@matlemad)
  • Shaka Lei Kaumaka (@shakaleikaumaka)
  • Camilo Cruz - DJ Set (@isdotlove)
  • Tomosaito - DJ Set (@tomosaito)
  • Ukulele workshop

ℹ Some artists are capable of leading multiple sessions Scheduled acts would be prioritized during 5PM to 9PM hours

Prospective artists

  • Violetta Zironi (@violettazironi)
  • We are in the process of recruiting more artists
  • We are also planning to have a sign-up list available (through a DAPP) so interested people can schedule a participation in the stage -outside headlining hours-

Technical requirements

ℹ The following is the ideal technical rider in order to provide the best experience, however we are open to making this happen without every item being approved.

  • We anticipate that the cost of this rider would be around $1000 to $2000 USD per day.
  • Shaka is working to make an NFT project to raise money to purchase instruments -either in Bogotá or sent to the city- to be used throughout Devcon and then give them away to kids interested in music through local foundation/s in the days after the conference. He prefers confirmation of this space before moving forward with that plan.
Item # Items
Powered PA speakers w/ sub base or 1 extra 2
Wedge monitors 2
DJ Console compatible with Serato Software 1
Mics + Stands 7
XLR cables 12
Quarter-inch cables 8
DI Boxes 7
Mixing board w/ 24 inputs 1
Large XLR Snake cable to board 1
Extensions / Power cords 3
Surge protectors w/ 5 outlets 5
Generator 2000/3000 Watts 1
Stools for performers 5
Mood lights 2
Calm floral or decorative backdrop for center open stage 1
Acoustic Guitar 1
Cajon 1
Conga Set 1
Djembe 1
Electric keyboard with stand 1
Stage Elevation of a foot or two if potential of rain passing under the tent is present. Space big enough for 7-member (open sourced) band 1
LED Stage Screen (enough brightness for daylight)[*] 2
DJ Booth 1

Please answer questions below:

  1. What actions are required to implement the proposal at Devcon? Approving the budget for gear, and or delegating what can be provided. Formal scheduling of events to make sure all time slots are filled. Communication amongst Music Chain Enable group, a few potential artists, and Devcon team just as it is currently occurring. Equipment set up and sound checked before the main events begin.

  2. Who will be responsible for the proposal to be implemented effectively? (i.e. working on Day 0) SHAKA, CAMILO, MATEO, and all other members of the Music Chain Enable Group. WE have a deep trust that creating the space will allow for many to shine. Even if all we are provided with is a tiny speaker, Shaka has pulled off similar successful artistic atmospheres at previous events with just that. We want to shoot as far as our reach can go with this opportunity and send a beautiful vibe out into the Galaxy.

  3. What other projects could this proposal be integrated with? (Bonus points for collaboration across teams :)) We are Opensourced Artists and collaboratively seeking engagement with all parties interested in creating. We have many dear frens in the community already supporting this movement as well as participating in it. SHAKA and CAMILO will be available before DAY 0, we can be available on day -22 to -2 if needed. Camilo is local in Bogota and SHAKA is nomadically working independently/remotely with plans to be in Bogota at the beginning of October. WE HAVE TO ALL INTEGRATE FOR THE BRIGHT FUTURE WE WILL CREATE:)))

Links & Additional Information