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Poster Presentations

DIP 14: Poster Presentations

Summary of Proposal

For all those people who wanted to speak, but didn't get approved: Mark off space in the venue and allow for the submission of posters of their ideas / talks. Present the posters during the conference. Allow them to answer questions in allotted time slots, i.e. via Chat or Email.


A lot of scientific conferences get more applications of abstracts / topics, than they have time slots on the stages. To give people a chance to present their ideas and projects without being able to give them speaking time on the stages, the poster format can be used. This makes it easy for newcomers to actually present something, while it is easy for in-person attendee's to browse the posters in their own time. The format also applies easily digitally, since the poster-files can be made online available while the poster-originator answers questions live or delayed via chat or email.

In the scientific community, it is common that the conference "veterans" go to the poster area collectively to review and ask questions to the phd-students that made the posters - while everybody drinks large amounts of beer. Putting this near the end of the conference day and giving off free beer also enhances the networking factor greatly ;)

Motivation & Rationale

More space for more ideas without taking away time slots from the stages or breakout sessions.

Also, people can visit the presentation area in their own time and stay as long or as short as they want.


This proposal has been implemented at a large number of other events, mainly in the scientific sector. It is quite common, sometimes even celebrated (when the beer comes into play) and while being easy and cheap to implement, offers many good networking synergy effects.

Operational Requirements & Ownership

  1. What actions are required to implement the proposal at Devcon?

Offer the possibility to submit posters - either parallelly during the call for "speaking slots" or specifically to those, whose talk submission got rejected.

  1. Who will be responsible for the proposal to be implemented effectively? (i.e. working on Day 0)

The organization team. I want to attend DevCon 2021 anyways, so I'd be happy to help on prem.

  1. What other projects could this proposal be integrated with? (Bonus points for collaboration across teams :))

Maybe POAP :D There are awards for "Best Poster Presentation" or "Best Talk" at other conferences. Why not make special POAP tokens that get awarded to the people who won those awards?

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