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Status as Devcon Communication Layer

DIP 10: Status as Devcon Communication Layer

Summary of Proposal

Status as the communication layer for Devcon (on the ground and for satellite events). Utilizing Status as the layer into which many different projects showcased at Devcon plug in for maximum usability.


As we know, whenever we have an event in the Ethereum calendar, several different groups and conversations start taking shape in Telegram, WhatsApp etc. All less than decentralized.

We also know there are many different projects that would be great to showcase but because the schedule is SO full and there are so many wonderful conversations happening, the ability to interact with most of them is stifled for attendees.

The proposal is to use the Status chat, wallet and dapp browser capabilities to enable a smoother experience for attendees. Creating various Devcon chat channels would facilitate communications like:

Local knowledge/tips Spanish phrases Good restaurants Side events Satellite events (think people sharing images from their streaming events which we can then use for social/initiative assessment) Devcon Scholars But also enable attendees to create private chats with up to 10 friends.

Using the Status wallet would enable the sending and receiving of tokens (NFTs as well as ERC20s), use of Keycard, any payment needs as well as any IRL experiences created by any dapps that would require a browser.

Motivation & Rationale

As an attendee, I very rarely use the official app and rely on my conversations (either IRL or via Telegram) to inform my decisions re where to go next, what events are happening, dinners etc.

It would be helpful however to be able to dip into bigger and somewhat orderly conversations as well as a curated list of the experiences I can tap into. Notifications on my phone alerting me of things happening (from talks coming up to people planning dinners) would make my life SO much easier and my experience much richer.

Add in the security, wallet, dapp browsing facility and Keycard integration would make this a superior ALL IN ONE option vs various disjointed, non crypto products used for communication throughout the event.


Status has recently activated a whole host of features such as notifications and picture messages which bring the experience much closer to a mainstream platform. Both for communication but also for the frictionless access to functionality like payments.

By Devcon 6, the Desktop client will also be live and will therefore link both laptop and mobile use. This could prove essential for real time communication by the Devcon team (think talk announcements) as well as sponsors for deeper engagement throughout.

We can also use incentives to get attendees to perform more actions within the app and around Devcon focal points:

getting an ens name so they become easier to identify by their peers on the ground QR codes on rooms to join live chats about what’s happening in a specific room/stage (or ask questions of the speakers) Since keycard comes with some preloaded assets e.g a POAP token, 10 SNTs, x DAIs to buy food etc. we can easily merge experiential with communication in a smooth bundle and plug in any other partner projects’ tokens.

Operational Requirements & Ownership

Please answer questions below:

Devcon team needs to be involved in the following manner:

communication support prior to the conference: connect Status team with participating projects so that the best collaboration dynamic can be identified.

if Status is used for communication, setup core channels for attendees and communicate via these channels

Status will be responsible for ensuring chat, wallet, browser and Keycard (outlined in DIP5) are fully functional.

Status will provide onboarding and technical support though.

The proposal can easily be integrated with POAP, Keycard, Satellite events DIP etc.