Eth LogoDevcon

Improving the Federated 2-way Peg

By Matt Luongo

Community Interoperability

By Vitalik Buterin, Terry Culver, Josh Swihart, Jae Kwon

Toward Backward Compatible Ethereum Upgrades

By Wei Tang

Designing Awesome Developer APIs for Protocols

By Nikil Viswanathan

How ENS is taking Ethereum to the rest of the Internet

By Brantly Millegan

Lessons Learned to Build a Dapp On a Light Client

By Thibaut Sardan

Satoshi Has No Clothes, What About Szabo?

By Ian Miers

Supersonic: Transparent SNARKs from DARK Compilers

By Benedikt Bunz

What is happening with Ethereum Classic?

By Bob Summerwill

Networking in ETH2.0

By Antoine Toulme, Rene Lubov

Putting Eth2.0 To Work

By Alex Stokes

An Examination of Quadratic Voting

By Sota Ishii, Masahiro Yasu

Building Ethereum 2.0 On Substrate

By Wei Tang

Complementing DApps with Trusted Computing

By Thomas Bertani

Ethereum 2 Network Spec and Structure

By Zahary Karadjov

Chainalysis: Building Trust in the Ethereum Blockchain

By Mikkel Jensen, Surya Rastogi

Lessons Learned From Phase 0 Testnets

By Preston Van Loon

Complexities in Aggregation at Scale

By Mikhail Kalinin

Connecting Decentralized Liquidity

By Loi Luu

Eth2.0 Client Panel

Future of Open Hardware in a (Verifiable) Decentralised World

By Matthias Tarasiewicz