Eth LogoDevcon

David Chaum

By David Chaum

STARK: From Paper to Product

By Oren Katz, Daniel Yanev

Opportunities for Collaboration: ETH1x and Ethereum Classic

By Terry Culver

Money and Debt and Digital Contracts

By Brewster Kahle

Securely Connecting Smart Contracts to Off-Chain Data and Events

By Sergey Nazarov

Bridges to...Somewhere?

By James Prestwich, Brian Behlendorf, Justin Drake, Joseph Schweitzer


By Rune Christensen, Victor Rortvedt, Dan Robinson, Eva Beylin

Emerging Technology and Social Progress

By Natalie Cargill, Will Ruddick, Adam Bornstein, Lucas Geiger

The Commodification of You

By Seven Waterhouse

Ask Not What Ethereum Can Do For Videogames

By Christopher Robison

Using DAOs to Make Decentralized Protocols Actually Decentralized

By Luis Cuende

AKASHReloaded: Unifying the Ecosystem with

By Mihai Alisie

Decentralize All The Things: Deploying Your Own Node Infrastructure

By Carl Youngblood

Money At The Edge: How People Stay Afloat in Venezuela

By Alejandro Machado

Weaving Cultural Fabrics With Tokens

By Mark Beylin

The DarkTech Renaissance

By Amir Taaki

Trains, Planes and Network Upgrades: A Regular Release Cadence for Ethereum 1.x

By Danno Ferrin, Tim Beiko

PoS Security and Ethylene

By Emin Gün Sirer

UX Awards

By Amy Jung, Alex Orchowska, Graeme Blackwood, Benny Giang

Polkadot's Data Availability and Validity Scheme

By Alistair Stewart

Interblockchain Communication & Interchain Topology

By Christopher Goes