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Robotics Under Ethereum Computer Control

By Sergei Lonshakov

Upgradeability of self-governed contract

By Hadrien Croubois

From Zero Knowledge to Zero Knowledge Proof

By Holly Atkinson

Quickly Develop Data Driven Reactive DApps

By Richard Ramos and Iuri matias

Universal Interchain Registry

By Antoine Herzog

Keymanagement: Multisig based Custody as Enabler for Mass Adoption

By Christoph Jentzsch

Mixing-based Privacy Mechanisms Are Insufficient

By Mudit Gupta

Autonomous Ethereum mixers

By Ivan Bogatyi

Release Management for Smart Contracts

By Javier Tarazaga

LavaMoat: MetaMask's Approach to Secure App

By Aaron Kumavis

Incognito mode for Ethereum (Decentralized Privacy)

Birthmarking Your Smart Contracts For Vulnerability Search

By Han Liu

The Augur Master Plan, Part 2

By Joey Krug

Smart contract interaction out of the coldest of storage

Path to Seedless Recovery

By Stefan George

Parity Signer: Turn your smartphone into a hardware wallet

By Thibaut Sardan

The MakerDAO Critical Governance Vulnerability

By Alejo Salles

Machine Learning Resistance for Human Rights on the Blockchain

By Santiago Siri

Decentralized Federated Learning on the Oasis Network

By Dawn Song

Protocols: The Control Structures of Decentralised Networks

By Sascha Hanse

Measuring Decentralization of Blockchain Networks

By Mally Anderson, Everett Muzzy