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Analyzing Decentralized Exchange Liquidity with DexIndex

By Shawn Kim

Daily: An Easy, Open Source Dollar Wallet for Venezuelans

By Alejandro Machado


By Marc Garreau

Decentralizing GitHub

By Shawn Wilkinson

Smart Contracts Design Pattern

By Heiko Burkhardt

GasSwap: Paying ETH to Smart Contracts without Passing ETH

By Sorawit Suriyakarn

Ending Planned Obsolescence in Tech

By Brandon Ramirez

ZETH: On Integrating Zerocash on Ethereum

By Antoine Rondelet

New Markets In The Arts

By Simon de la Rouviere

Tales from the Field - Using Ethereum for a Decentralized ISP in Rural America

Peers and Intermediaries in Indonesia’s P2P economy

By Sunniva Sandbukt

The Invisible Obelisk: Marshall McLuhan and Media Studies on the Blockchain

Validating Designs and Finding Points of Failure: Testing ETH 1.x and ETH 2.0 Against AI Agents

The Paradox of Centralized Tools Doing Accounting for Decentralized Finance

Taking the DX to the Next Level: The OpenZeppelin Platform in a Nutshell

How Much Gas Does It Use Interacting With this Smart Contract?

By Jacek Varky

Handling the revert exceptions in Solidity

By Mudit Gupta

Composition Over Inheritance in Solidity: Is That Right?

By Alice Henshaw

Realistic Web3 Mock

By Daenam Kim

You Too Can Build an Ethereum Mixer!

By Kendrick Tan

Meta Transaction Relayers at Scale

By Isaac Patka