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Self-Sovereign Sexuality

By Ameen Soleimani & Chelsea Palmer

Post Nation-State Governance

By Santiago Siri

Lessons from International Law: How to reframe our thinking around crypto governance

By Katherine Wu

The State of Plasma

By David Knott, Kelvin Fitcher

Plasma Cash: Towards improved Plasma constructions

By Georgios Konstantopoulos

Practical Plasma: Gaming

By Matthew Campbell

Plasma Implementers Call Live!

By Karl Floersch

Plugging the metadata leaks in the Ethereum ecosystem

By Péter Szilágyi

New hash functions for Ethereum, SNARKs, and STARKs

By Dmitry Khovratovich

Fraud Proofs: Maximising Light Client Security and Scaling Blockchains with Dishonest Majorities

By Mustafa Al-Bassam

Mustekala Project: MetaMask to become a light client over libp2p

By Dmitriy Ryajov, Frankie Pangilinan

The Case for Proof-of-Stake

By Emin Gün Sirer

Shasper on Substrate

By Robert Habermeier

Introduction of Ethereum iOS dev kit

By Josef Gattermayer, Jan Mísař

Ethereum on Android

By Chances and Challenges by Ligi

Ethereum for all : develop mobile apps using MIT AppInventor

By Jose Luu

Genesis Block, EXODUS 1, Zion

By Lisa Chu

Ledger SGX enclave - (un)popularity assessment and the way forward

By Nicolas Bacca

Flyingcarpet: An Open Network for Building and Using Aerial Analytics Services

By Julien Bouteloup

Enigma: Privacy-preserving Smart Contracts for Ethereum

By Guy Zyskind, Isan Rivkin

Pili-Pala Consensus

By Elaine Shi