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State Channels on Ethereum with Counterfactual

By Liam Horne

Build and Operate Internet-Scale Ethereum dApps on Celer Network

By Mo Dong, Junda Liu, Xiaozhou Li, Qingkai Liang

Perun: Virtual Payment and State Channel Networks

By Sebastian Faust, Stefan Dziembowski, Lisa Eckey, Kristina Hostakova

PISA: Arbitration Outsourcing for State Channels

By Patrick McCorry

P2P Networking in Ethereum 2.0

By Jannik Luhn, Kevin Mai-Hsuan Chia

Managing upgradeability and EVM packages

By Facundo Spagnuolo

Turbo-Geth: optimising Ethereum clients

By Alexey Akhunov

Web3 Design Systems - components and design standards for better dApp UX

By Beltran Berrocal, Aqeel Mohammad, Alejandro Machado , Laura Giron , Gustavo Esquinca

Guerrilla user research for dApps: Step 1 to mainstream adoption

By Kevin Kim

Decentralized Identity & Reputation

By Sina Habibian

Human Centered Identity: We are more than keys

By Jonny Howle

Applying Trusted Compute to Ethereum

By Sanjay Bakshi, Marley Gray, Guy Zyskind, Nicolas Bacca, Lei Zhang, Sebastian Gajek, Andreas Freund, Noah Johnson, John Whelan, Joanna Rutkowska

Live Smart Contract Hacking

By Martin Holst Swende, Nick Johnson, Richard Moore, Matthew Di Ferrante

Solidity Compiler Audit Post-mortem

By Manuel Araoz

Smart contracts: Approach with caution

By Jake Craige

Efficient and cryptoeconomically driven DKG as a smart contract

By David Yakira, Ido Grayevsky, Avi Asayag, Ido Zilberberg

Defeating front-runners with Submarine Sends

By Lorenz Breidenbach, Tyler Kell

Blockchain Autopsies - Analyzing selfdestructs

By Jay Little

Reversing Ethereum Smart Contracts to find out what's behind EVM bytecode

By Patrick Ventuzelo

Decentralized Oracles: Reliably Triggering Smart Contracts using Decentralized Computation and TEEs

By Sergey Nazarov

Using Solidity's SMTChecker

By Leonardo Alt