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Designing IoT Frameworks Using Ethereum

By Shuang Liang, John Gerryts

The Energy Blockchain in 20 Minutes

By Garrett MacDonald

Protecting your Privacy within the Blockchain Ecosystem

By Robertas Visinskis

AKASHA: Unveiling The Next Experiment

By Mihai Alisie, Marius Darila

A Standardized Business Model for Decentralized Insurance

By Christoph Mussenbrock

How to Build a Real World Supply Chain ecosystem using the Main Ethereum Network

By Giuseppe Bertone

Building Consumer Facing Interfaces for Trust in Supply Chains

By Thibaut Schaeffer

Panel: Casper and Consensus

The Future of Token Contracts: MiniMe, Governance, LiquidPledging & ERC223

By Jordi Baylina

Panel: USCC – The Underhanded Solidity Coding Contest

Panel: Formal Verification

Dapp Development using Remix, Mist, and Geth

By Yann Levreau, Rob Stupay

Panel: Development Frameworks

Welcome & Team Introduction

Ethereum in 25 Minutes, Version MMXVII

By Vitalik Buterin

Trustlines Network: Open Protocol for Decentralized, IOU-based Currency Networks

By Bernd Bohmeier, Kristoffer Nærland

Developers, Developers, Developers – Ethereum for all your networks!

By Péter Szilágyi

The EVM: Leaner, Meaner, and Closer to the Metal

By Dr. Greg Colvin

Panel: Evolving the EVM

0x: an open protocol for trustless, low friction exchange of ERC20 tokens

By Will Warren

iExec: Allowing Scalable, Efficient and Virtualized Off-chain Execution for Arbitrary Applications

By Gilles Fedak