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Random numbers on the blockchain

By Clément Lesaege

The Open Vote Network: Decentralised Internet Voting as a Smart Contract

By Patrick McCorry

Semantic Ethereum – Linking Dapps together with data

By James Pitts

EtherDelta: Off-chain Order Book with On-chain Settlement

By Zack Coburn

0x: an open protocol for trustless, low friction exchange of ERC20 tokens

By Will Warren

Turn-key Smart Contracts

By Mike Alonso, Matt Swezey

iExec: Allowing Scalable, Efficient and Virtualized Off-chain Execution for Arbitrary Applications

By Gilles Fedak

Whisper: Achieving Darkness

By Vlad Gluhovsky, Guillaume Ballet

Swarm City: Decentralized Peer to Peer Commerce

By Michael Thuy, Stefaan Ponnet

The Data Mechanics of Saving the Planet

By Gregory Landua, Risto Karjalainen

Decentralised Autonomous Organization: Integral Platform for Climate Initiatives

By Anton Galenovich, Sergei Lonshakov

How crypto payroll can improve the plight of temporary workers

By Gregg Dourgarian

Blockchain for Humanitarian Assistance

By Houman Haddad

IDbox – Cost efficient device for self-sovereign identity

By Julien Bouteloup

Bringing the Non Crypto World onto Ethereum Through Social Impact

By Raphaël Mazet, Jakub Wojciechowski

The Colony Reputation Protocol: a verifiable, scalable reputation system

By Aron Fischer

Kleros: Building a decentralized court system to arbitrate smart contracts

By Clément Lesaege

Building a decentralized sharing economy on top of Ethereum

By Christoph Jentzsch

JAAK: A New Engine to Power the Web of Content

By Vaughn McKenzie

The Blockchain Virus: Can a blockchain pay to replicate?

By Sergio Lerner

Dai Stablecoin

By Andy Milenius