Eth LogoDevcon

The Raiden Network

By Augusto Hack, Loredana Cirstea

Towards a Permanent ENS Registrar

By Nick Johnson

Intro to Solidity 2017 Edition

By Hudson Jameson

Flexibility in Solidity

By Dr. Christian Reitwiessner

Mist: towards a decentralized, secure architecture

By Everton Fraga, Victor Maia

Dapp Development using Remix, Mist, and Geth

By Yann Levreau, Rob Stupay


By Andy Milenius

Real-World Smart Contract Development Lessons

By Raine Revere

MetaMask: Dissecting the fox

By Aaron Davis, Frankie Pangilinan

Web3.js 1.0

By Fabian Vogelsteller

Missing Links in the Ethereum Stack

By Jack Peterson

EthJS: Precision Ethereum Javascript Architecture for dApps

By Nick Dodson

Development Frameworks

By Andy Milenius, Conor Svensson, Yann Levreau, Jack Peterson, Piper Merriam, Nick Dodson, Iuri Matias

Uport – Usable Key Management for Multiple Identities Across Multiple Chains

By Michael Sena, Rouven Heck, Pelle Braendgaard

Data is the Missing Link

By Tim Nugent, Sam Chadwick

Secure Decentralized Oracles: Applying Intel SGX and TownCrier to external data, payments and off-chain computation

By Sergey Nazarov

Scalable Onchain Verification for Authenticated Data Feeds and Offchain Computations

By Thomas Bertani

Snopes meets Mechanical Turk on a Blockchain: Reality Keys, On-chain Truth Verification and Subjectivocracy

By Edmund Edgar

Mind the Gap: Application-driven evaluation of Smart Contract languages

By Andrew Miller

Scalable Secure Scuttlebutt

By Dominic Tarr

Building an Ethereum assisted Decentralized Data Marketplace Breakout

By Guy Zyskind