Eth LogoDevcon

Welcome & Team Introduction

By Ming Chan, Vitalik Buterin, Dr. Christian Reitwiessner, Peter Szilagyi, Fabian Vogelsteller, Viktor Tron

Regulatory Update and Look Ahead

By Peter Van Valkenburgh, Jerry Brito

Ethereum in 25 Minutes, Version MMXVII

By Vitalik Buterin

Methods for deterministic parallelizing message processing

By Martin Becze

Practical Applications of Off Chain Computation in the Light Client

By Zsolt Felföldi

Presenting Parity: A Light Client for a Heavy Chain

By Robert Habermeier

Verifying Casper

By Yoichi Hirai

Sikorka – Proof of Presence for Blockchain Applications

By Lefteris Karapetsas

Julia – IR for Ethereum Contracts

By Alex Beregszaszi

Package Management for Smart Contracts

By Piper Merriam

Programmable Incentives: Intro to Cryptoeconomics

By Karl Floersch

Casper the Friendly GHOST: A correct-by-construction blockchain

By Vlad Zamfir

Casper and Consensus

By Emin Gün Sirer, Peter Czaban, Vitalik Buterin, Vlad Zamfir, Elaine Shi

Introducing the TrueBit Virtual Machine

By Jason Teutsch

Plasma Overview and Transaction Data Availability

By Joseph Poon

ZoKrates – A Toolbox for zkSNARKs on Ethereum

By Jacob Eberhardt

A Modest Proposal for Ethereum 2.0

By Vitalik Buterin

Intro to Casper Implementation

By Chang-Wu Chen

Thunderella: Blockchains with Optimistic Instant Confirmation

By Elaine Shi

Challenges Ahead for Smart Contracts

By Emin Gün Sirer

Introducing Rholang!

By Lucius Meredith