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Welcome & Introduction Panel

By Ming Chan, Martin Becze, Péter Szilágyi, Dr. Christian Reitwiessner, Alex Van de Sande, Viktor Trón, Vitalik Buterin

Ethereum in 25 Minutes

By Vitalik Buterin

Regulatory Considerations for Dapp Development

By Ming Chan, Peter Van Valkenburgh

State Channels Systemic Security Considerations and Solutions

By Joseph Poon

The Mauve Revolution

By Vitalik Buterin

A Correct by Construction Asynchronous Casper Protocol

By Vlad Zamfir

Ethereum On Ruby

By Jan Xie

Ethereum for Resource Limited Devices

By Bob Summerwill

Designs for the L4 Contract Programming Language Based on Deontic Modal Logic

By Dr. Virgil Griffith & Vikram Verma

Zcash + Ethereum = ❤

By Zooko Wilcox

A Lap Around Developing Cryptlets

By Marley Gray

Ethereum Meets the Outdoors

By Lefteris Karapetsas

Smart Contract Security

By Christoph Jentzsch

Marmot y Goodness and Ethereum

By RJ Catalano, Zach Ramsey

The Golem Project: Ethereum-based market for computing power

By Julian Zawistowski

Ethereum Blockchain Initiatives at Thomson Reuters

By Tim Nugent

A Deep Dive into the Colony Foundation Protocol

By Aron Fischer, Elena Dimitrova

Remix and Other Ethereum Development Tools

By Yann Levreau

uPort – Usable key management & identity

By Rouven Heck, Christian Lundkvist

Complex Dapps and Updating Them

By Joey Krug

libp2p ❤ devp2p: IPFS and Ethereum Networking

By David Dias, Juan Benet