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Keynote and Ethereum roadmap

By Vitalik Buterin, Jeffrey Wilcke, Alex van de Sande, Gavin Wood

Challenges in Public Economic Consensus

By Vlad Zamfir

Monadic Design Patterns for the Blockchain

By Lucius Greg Meredith


By Gavin Wood, Vitalik Buterin, Martin Becze, Dominic Williams, Vlad Zamfir


By Daniel Nagy, Viktor Tron


By Vlad Zamfir

BTC Relay

By Joseph Chow

Ethereum & WebAssembly

By Martin Becze

Universal Hash Time

By Jeff Coleman

Scalable Blockchains & Asynchronous Programming

By Vitalik Buterin

Digital Identity

By Christian Lundkvist

Raiden: Scaling Out With Offchain State Networks

By Heiko Hees

Towards Imandra Contracts: Formal verification for Ethereum

By Grant Passmore

Formal Semantics for Protocols

By Peter McBurney

Towards safer languages for smart contracts

By Jack Pettersson, Robert Edström


By Juan Batiz-Benet

How Blockchain Technology Can Help us Achieve Prosperity

By Don Tapscott

Microsoft Announcing Ethereum Blockchain as a Service (ETH BaaS) on Azure Cloud

By Marley Gray


By Roman Mandeleil


By Arkadiy Paronyan


By Simon de la Rouviere