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Continuous Devcon

Meet Continuous Devcon

Continuous Devcon is the umbrella term for initiatives that will contribute towards making Devcon a more holistic experience, complementing the main programming.

CD will allow for new formats and will be a testbed for initiatives like community hubs, extended opening hours and other surprises!

Continuous.... What?

Continuous Devcon brings together a variety of opportunities for the community to get hands-on involved and shape the event. Furthermore, parts of the amazing venue will be accessible into the evening hours, enabling participants to continue exchanging ideas even after the main program has concluded for the day, turning Devcon into a truly continuous and more holistic and collaboration-focused experience.

The venue and space will be open, available, and welcoming until 11pm — much later than you might be used to from other Devcons. This means you can smoothly transition into the evening and have more time to explore the initiatives besides the main program!

The venue will foster collaboration, networking, exchange, creativity, creation, experimentation and relaxation through various spaces dedicated especially to that.

You can get hands-on involved and shape Devcon by hosting (or contributing to) a Community Hub! Learn more about the concept of Community Hubs and how to apply for one below.

Community and Ecosystem Hubs at Devcon Bogotá!



Community Hubs are the dedicated space at the Devcon venue from the community for the community.

By enabling a handful of communities to create and display content of their choice we pave the way for a more decentralized Devcon.

Communities, initiatives, interest groups and collectives can apply via the DIP process for their chance to get one of the available hub areas.Once allocated a space, the selected organizing group will be solely responsible for the space and what happens in it throughout the course of the whole conference.


All of the community hubs must follow certain guidelines, but above all they should be:

  • Marketing-free — no shilling!
  • Content first.
  • No bull 💩.
  • Tech-focused / community-focused.
  • Must offer a benefit for the audience.
  • Accessible to all Devcon attendees.
  • Dedicated to specific cause or topic.

Potential Hubs

UX & Design • Scaling • Security • Privacy • Regen • Diversity • EIPs • Non-for-profit / blockchain-for-social-good • (Digital) Art / NFT • Fun & Games • [Your idea here 🦄]


Community Hubs are designed to complement the Devcon program by offering:

  • Office hours on their (expert) topics.
  • Discussion rounds.
  • Learning material on their topic.
  • A place for this group or interested parties to meet.
  • Interactive experiences depending on their topic.

Devcon After Dark

For the first time in Devcon history, we are keeping the venue open late. Instead of ushering all attendees out of the building at 5PM sharp, we are leaving the venue open until 11PM to provide a space for continued collaboration, live music, game nights, a Happy Hour each day from 6-8 PM & more!

Discuss and suggest community activities on the Forum.

You can find the Devcon After Dark schedule here.

Hacker basement

Hacker Basement



Looking for a place where you can code and learn? This time, we got you covered!

The hacker basement will be your high-focus zone away from the busy conference ado.

It sets the right conditions for an individual to test new stuff on their laptop, to learn, or to hack on new ideas in a group.

Everything a hacker needs will be taken care of: cozy seating, electricity, internet and, of course, cyberpunk lighting and low-fi beats to get you in the right mood to build!

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